To equip individuals with the practical skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic
business services industry, empowering them to achieve their career goals and contribute
meaningfully to the workforce.
This mission statement emphasizes your focus on:
• Practical skills and knowledge: You train individuals for real-world application, not just
theoretical understanding.
• Dynamic business services industry: You adapt to the evolving needs of the sector and
prepare students for a changing environment.
• Empowering individuals: You go beyond skills training and foster confidence, soft skills, and
a strong work ethic.
• Meaningful contributions: You aim to prepare students for successful careers that benefit
both themselves and the workforce



To be recognized as the premier vocational training provider in India, known for our innovative
programs, exceptional instructor expertise, and dedication to empowering individuals to become
the future leaders of the business services industry.
This vision statement captures your aspirations for:
• Premier vocational training provider: You strive for excellence and recognition as a leader in
the field.
• Innovative programs: You constantly develop and refine your programs to stay ahead of the
• Exceptional instructor expertise: You prioritize quality education and employ highly
qualified instructors with real-world experience.
• Future leaders: You aim to empower your students to not only succeed in their careers but
also become leaders in the industry.

These combined statements offer a clear and compelling picture of SBG ITI Private Limited’s purpose and aspirations. Remember to use them as a guiding principle for your decisions and actions, ensuring your company continues to make a positive impact on individuals and the business services industry.